Closing Costs

Property Transfer Tax:
This tax is payable on the purchase of all real property in BC. The calculation is based on 1% of the purchase price up to $200,000. Most first time buyers are exempt from this if they meet certain criteria. The main criteria are:

  • borrower has never owned a principal residence anywhere;
  • maximum purchase of $275,000 in most areas;
  • borrow at least 70% of purchase price;
  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and residing in BC for a minimum of 12 months.
Legal Fees:
Legal representation will cost you approximately $750 for a purchase and a mortgage, add another $450 if you are selling a property at the same time. The legal fees to only register a mortgage will be in the $350 range.
Interest Adjustment:
This is the interest you will pay for receiving your mortgage money before the official start of your mortgage (ie. if your "completion" were on the 23rd of a 30 day month, your interest adjustment would be 8 days' interest).
Property Tax Adjustment:
Generally, property taxes for the calendar year are paid at the beginning of July for the full calendar year. If you purchase a property before July 1st, the seller will be paying you for the days they owned the home from January 1st to completion day. You then are responsible for the entire amount to be paid to the municipality on July 1st. If you purchase a property after July 1st you will pay the seller for the days you own the property from completion day to December 31st, as they will already have paid the entire amount to the municipality on July 1st. To calculate this amount: one day's taxes on owner occupied properties is the annual taxes, less $470 homeowner grant, divided by 365.

Strata Cost Adjustments & Form A Certificate:
For those purchasing a strata property, the adjustment works similar to the property tax adjustment explained in item 4. The difference is that strata fees are paid monthly, not annually, so that the adjustment will be based on the number of days in your completion month that you have ownership.
A Form A Certificate is required only on strata purchases and is issued by the strata corporation in order to confirm that the seller does not owe the strata corporation any money. This certificate will range in price up to approximately $50.00

CMHC Application Fee:
This is a $75.00 underwriting fee paid to CMHC for processing a high ration mortgage application and initiating the mortgage loan insurance. This fee is usually deducted from the mortgage proceeds.

Property Appraisals:
The property is evaluated by a professional appraiser to determine the market value of the property. This is done to ensure that:

  • the lending institution is not over lending on the property and;
  • to protect the borrower from over paying.

Generally, a standard residential appraisal will cost approximately $200.

Property Inspection:
An inspection is a thorough evaluation of the structure, systems and components of a home. The inspection is usually multi-paged, and comments on the condition of, but not limited to: foundations, electrical, plumbing, heating, water heaters, appliances, fireplaces, drainage, roof, walls, floors, attic, crawl spaces, patios...The inspection is usually performed a day or two before the market value is determined by the property appraisal.
Survey Certificate:
A bank will require a survey to confirm that the house and/or any outbuildings do not encroach or cross over the property lines. The seller will often already have a survey, especially if the seller also had a mortgage on the property. Otherwise, a new survey will cost approximately $270. CMHC requires a survey on all properties insured by a high ratio mortgage. Keep in mind however, that surveys can be replaced by title insurance and that new surveys are not required on strata properties.

Insurance Binder:
This is a requirement by the bank to ensure that the borrower has arranged sufficient insurance to cover any losses that may be incurred on the purchase. Proof of coverage by way of an insurance binder supplied by the insurance agent is necessary and usually costs $35 (this is not applicable for a strata property). This lists only the major items.


This information is being provided to assist in the planning of a home purchase. It is not intended to be legal advice and the information set out may not be applicable in all cases. In some situations, a purchaser may be required to pay for other additional expenses such as a second mortgage, an assignment of rents, power of attorney, or independent legal advice.

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